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Plants are threatened by diseases caused by microorganisms : viruses, bacteria or even fungi.  These diseases cause significant yield losses on crops, fruit, vegetables and ornamentals. These are sometimes crops, or even entire industries that are destroyed. And new diseases regularly emerge, due to mutations of pathogens, or their adaptation to new environments.

Pesticides are effective against bacteria and viruses; we must find other ways to reduce the risk of infections, particularly by avoiding introducing such microorganisms.


Installation of a ANAQUA unit for treatment of plants, enables production of neutral anolyte instead.  Neutral anolyte is a powerful non-toxic disinfectant and respectful of the environment, effective for growing conditions in total hygiene.


The alternative neutral anolyte solution is an ecological and safe disinfectant solution. The neutral anolyte has a bactericidal, virucidal, fungicidal and algicidal efficiency.  Produced by ANAQUA units, it promotes health and stimulates plant growth.


The neutral anolyte ensures that crops have a biologically sure, efficient, ecological health protection.


The neutral anolyte is: non-toxic, non-irritating, non-sensitising, leaving no side effects, leaves no harmful and is economic and non-mutagenic. The neutral anolyte is not composed of hazardous chemicals.




• Injection into the irrigation supply networks

Purification of water – Purification of pipes – Destruction of pathogen germs – Elimination of biofilm – Destruction of algae – Non-corrosive – Non-toxic – Non-hazardous to the environment


• Disinfection and fogging

Sanitizing the premises - air sanitation - Disinfection of equipment - Disinfection of containers


• Hygiene of staff on-site and all persons entering in the buildings

Disinfection of hands, boots…


Our tests in these areas led us to find the most common diseases such as :

Powdery mildew, scab, mildew, clubroot, bacterial canker on tomatoes, bacterial blight ...


The use of the anolyte provides the following solutions:


For outdoor crops

• For purification of water irrigation systems.

• Watering for soil remediation.

• Fogging for plant disinfection.

• Spraying to disinfect equipment, premises and containers.

• Fogging for plant disinfection before storage.

• Bathing to disinfect seeds before planting


For indoor crops

• Added in the water circuit to allow disinfection of hands for all persons entering the building.

• In a basin at the entrance of buildings to disinfect feet and boots for all persons entering the building.

• Spraying to disinfect equipment, premises and containers without the need for subsequent rinsing.

• Cleaning greenhouses for ventilation spaces.

• For purification of water irrigation systems.

• Bathing to disinfect seeds before planting.

• Regular fogging in greenhouses for disinfecting plants.

• Fogging for plant disinfection before storage.

• Watering for soil remediation.

• In addition to water systems for the destruction of the biofilm and algae in the pipes.




• Eradication of pathogenic fungi.

• Eradication of bacteria and viruses.

• Eradication of parasite eggs.

• Eradication of mites and red spider ;

• Increasing the germination rate.

• Increased yields per hectare.

• Increase the number of flowers.

• Increase the number of fruits.

• Increase the number of ornaments.

• Flow controlled irrigation (less water, more results).

• Increase in the number of seed per ornaments.

• Stimulation of plant growth.

• Increased duration of the conservation of fodder.

• Increased shelf life for vegetables, fruits and cut flowers.

• Reducing the use of pesticides.

• Reduced production costs.

• Increased food self-sufficiency.

• Best performance: higher incomes for farmers.

• No adverse impact to the environment.



APPENDICES : pollination

• Eradicate varroa-mite.

• Misting of hives in the presence of bees.




The neutral anolyte can be used pure, or diluted in wash water, spray, or mist. Please follow the advice of our technician.



The neutral anolyte improves the cash flow of the business: less waste, fewer pesticides, faster growth and saving time in completing tasks…



The dosage protocol will be given to you by our laboratory after you have provided a recent analysis of your water.



Agriculture :

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