Schools, kindergartens, retirement homes, public transports, rental vehicles, sports halls, public toilets, and the distribution of drinking water.


The installation of an ANAQUA unit in community settings allows the production of neutral anolyte on site. Neutral anolyte is a powerful, non-toxic disinfectant which is environmentally friendly and effective for obtaining conditions of total disinfection and cleanliness.


The neutral anolyte alternative is an environmentally friendly and safe disinfectant solution produced by the ANAQUA units, making it possible to obtain the required level of sanitation required in such establishments in accordance with the regulations in effect.


Neutral anolyte ensures health protection, biological safety, efficiency, and savings for all applications and personnel.


Neutral anolyte is: non-toxic, non-irritating, non-sensitizing, no side effects, leaves no harmful residue, non



Schools, kindergartens, retirement homes, detention centers, public transportation, car rental, sports rooms, public toilets, potable water distribution


• Injection into the water supply networks of different establishments:

Purification of water – Pipes sanitation – Destruction of anaerobic and aerobic pathogen germs  – Elimination of biofilm – Destruction of algae – Tasteless and odourless – Non-corrosive – Non-toxic – Non-hazardous to the environment


• In disinfection and fogging:

Sanitizing the premises - Air sanitation - Sanitation of surfaces and materials - Decontamination of waste water


• Hygiene of staff on-site and all persons entering in the buildings:

Disinfection of hands, shoes...




L’utilisation de l’anolyte neutre apporte les solutions suivantes :

• Disinfection of surfaces, floors, and walls.

• Disinfection of air conditioning systems.

• Fogging in common areas.

• Fogging in rooms.

• Sterilization of dishes and laundry.

• Sterilisation of receptacles and containers.

• Disinfection and odour reduction of public toilets.

• Equipment disinfection.

• Maintenance of plants and green spaces.

• Protection of Domestic Hot Water (DHW) networks against legionella.




• Eradication of pathogenic fungi.

• Eradication of bacteria and the most resistant viruses.

• Use of non-toxic products.

• Very short contact time.

• Extremely safe.

• Highly efficient disinfection.

• High environmental safety.

• Decontamination of waste water

• Reduced production costs.

• Reduction of the budget allocated to the procurement of maintenance and phytosanitary products.

• Decreased maintenance.

• Remote control of production.




Neutral anolyte can be used pure or diluted, in wash water, as a spray, or as a mist, depending on the recommendations for use provided by our Technician.



Neutral anolyte improves the quality and safety of local communities without raising the cost of treatment.  Time savings when completing tasks...



The dosage protocol will be given to you by our laboratory after you have provided a recent analysis of your water.



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