Installing an ANAQUA unit on the manufacturing or industrial processing sites allows the production of neutral anolyte on site. The neutral anolyte is a powerful non-toxic disinfectant which respects the environment; it is efficient for obtaining disinfection conditions in total hygiene.


The alternative neutral anolyte is a green and safe disinfecting solution. Produced by ANAQUA units, it helps to obtain in these institutions the level of hygiene requested pursuant to the standards in force within the industry.


The neutral anolyte provides a biologically safe, efficient and environmental safe protection for the whole production and for the staff.


The neutral anolyte is: non-toxic, non-irritating, non-sensitizing, without side effects, leaves no harmful residue, non-mutagenic, economic. The neutral anolyte is not composed of hazardous chemicals..



Industries,Tanning shops:

Chains of production, processing, packaging ...


• Injection into water networks of institutions :

Purification of water – Purification of pipes –  Destruction of anaerobic and aerobic pathogenic germs - Elimination of biofilm – Destruction of algae – Non-corrosive – Non-toxic – Non-hazardous to the environment.


• In disinfection and fogging :

Sanitizing the premises – Air sanitation – Sanitation of production chains – Packaging sanitation – Sanitation of surfaces and equipment – Waste water decontamination


• Hygiene of staff on-site and all persons entering in the buildings:

Disinfection of hands, shoes...


• Storage :

Sanitation of storage areas


Our tests in these areas have shown that the use of neutral anolyte helps eradicate all pollutants (bacteria, fungi and algae), while keeping the environment safe.



• Disinfection of floors, surfaces and walls.

• Fogging in rooms of production, of processing and packaging.

• Fogging in positive cold rooms.

• Sterilization of containers and packaging.

• Disinfection of equipments.

• Protection of DHW water systems (Domestic Hot Water) against corrosion.

• Water purification for prewash, wash, rinse, sterilization, blister packaging.




• Eradication of pathogenic fungi.

• Eradication of bacteria and viruses.

• Disposal of chemicals.

•  Quicker contact.

• High security production.

• High efficiency disinfection.

• High environmental safety.

• Reduced production costs.

• Better inventory management.

• Reduced maintenance.

• Remote production control.




The neutral anolyte can be used pure or diluted in wash water, spray, or mist, following the recommendations of our technician.



The neutral anolyte improves company cash flow: less waste, less crop protection products, faster growth, saving time in completing tasks ...



The dosage protocol will be given to you by our laboratory after you have provided a recent analysis of your water.




Food industry:

 In slaughterhouses, butcher shops, meat processors,  fisheries in retail ..., places, facilities and work surfaces can be maintained at a high level of disinfection. The ANAQUA units also increase the shelf life of fruits, vegetables...


Breweries :

Washing, disinfection of new bottles, recycling of used bottles including label removal and sterilizing before filling; all this could be carried out with ANAQUA units in charge of the process (CIP: Cleaning In Place and SIP: Sterilization In Place) without the use of chemical products and fully respecting the environment.


Textiles, Paper, Tanning facilities :

For bleach and dyes in the textile and paper industries. Peroxide hydrogen, sulfuric acid, chloride of lime, acetic acid, the wetting oil is replaced by neutral anolyte produced by ANAQUA units. Furthermore, in the tanning units, we can replace the chlorine dioxide and other chemicals by neutral anolyte.


Sugar Cane:

Purification of canes upon arrival to the factory and during the chopping process. The  ANAQUA units make it possible to obtain a high quality sugarcane juice, at good prices. A significant growth in the sugar production and high quality fiber has been recorded. The entire production and residues are completely environmentally friendly.


Oil mill:

Regardless of the oilseed used, oil extraction has improved its refining and production volume using electro-activated ANAQUA units without the use of chemical products. Not only the neutral anolyte is beneficial for oil extraction, but used in culture, it generates a serious increase seed production, enabling a supply of raw materials of the local production. Furthermore, the chain in this case is fully biological, ecological and economic.

There are many reasons brought together to meet the food self-sufficiency.



The use of ANAQUA units has created a new method of bleaching cotton thread

- Helps increase the capillary action by 30-40%.

- Releases alkaline agents.

- Reduce the use of stabilizer by 50 to 70%.

- Carries out whiteness at the required standards.

- Tensile strength of milled wire by +14%.


Premises maintenance:

Floors, windows, surfaces can be washed ans disinfected with neutral anolyte, in a single pass; no need to rince. The environment ans indoor air, or vehicles (buses ans taxis) can also be purified by neutral anolyte powerful action safe handling and safe use.


Cooling towers:

The ANAQUA units are an effective antidote to the main causes of problem of coolings systems, air conditioners and humidifiers. Bacterial pollution present in pipes ans pipe corrosion can be prevented unsing neutral anolyte.

The neutral anolyte prevents the growth of algae ans anaerobic bacteria such as Legionella that cause corrosion of piping ans equipment, develops fungi, the proliferation of foul odors ans problems of limestone.



The industry of heavy metals faced the problem of effluent treatment staining highly water. Huge properties oxidation ans flocculation of neutral anolyte offer the industry an effective way to deal with these difficult effluents ans reduce harmful dissolved to a minimum, not comparable to any existing alternatives.

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