Water purification:



Installing an ANAQUA unit for purification of drinking water, allows for the production of neutral anolyte on site. Neutral anolyte is a powerful non-toxic disinfectant and respectful of the environment, effective for disinfection conditions in total hygiene.


The alternative neutral anolyte solution is an ecological and safe disinfectant solution. Produced by ANAQUA units, it provides good quality drinking water in compliance with current standards.


The neutral anolyte provides drinking water for human consumption in an ecologically effective health protective and biologically safe manner.


The neutral anolyte is: non-toxic, non-irritating, non-sensitising, leaving no side effects, leaves no harmful and is economic and non-mutagenic. The neutral anolyte is not composed of hazardous chemicals.



Injection in the supply network from treatment stations

(treatment plants, water towers ...)

Purification of water – Purification of pipes – Destruction of pathogen germs – Elimination of biofilm – Destruction of algae – Non-corrosive – Non-toxic – Non-hazardous to the environment.



Many studies have revealed pathogens from water, including Staphylococcus, Streptococcus, E. coli, Cryptosporidium, Giardia Lambia, Listeria and Legionella.


Our tests in these areas have shown that the use of neutral anolyte helps eradicate all pollutants (bacteria, fungi and algae), in a very short contact, while respecting the environment.



"The neutral anolyte produced by ANAQUA units is highly recommended as safe and effective disinfectant."


The ANAQUA units are designed to disinfect :

• Drinking water for cities and rural areas

• Water from the brewery and beverage industries

• Dairies and food production equipment

• Swimming pool water and golf course greens

• Drinking water shipped in boats and planes

• Drinking water in restaurants, hotels, hospitals, institutes...

• Water farms, crops, food preservation.

• The water for the entire food industry.


Sample rate dosage for informational purposes


Table 1

Microbiological contamination

of water (TMC)


Dilution ratio of the neutral anolyte

 in water

Concentration of

active chlorine in the

neutral anolyte (mg/l

Concentration of chlorine in the treated water (mg/l)

Low (up to 10)




Medium (10-50)




High (50-500)




Very high (500-5000)




The parameters of the neutral anolyte are:

• PH of about 7.5

• Concentration of active chlorine 300-500 mg/l

• Very active oxidizing agents but in low concentration does not adversely affect the chemical composition of water, or its other key features.

• Does not form any toxic compound


The advantages of the water treated by the ANAQUA units

Due to the very low concentration of active chlorine (Table 2), the neutral anolyte, diluted with water according to Table 1 has no toxic effect nor any other form of any toxic by-product.

Table 2

Water to treat

Active concentration of chlorine (in treated water)



Neutral anolyte

Drinking water


1 - 4 mg/l

0,25 - 0,5 mg/l

Surface water


35 - 55 mg/l

5 - 10 mg/l



• The neutral anolyte penetrates the tiny pores of water pipes or any other material.

• The neutral anolyte removes the biofilm and algae from the distribution system.

• Water pipes and equipment should not be rinsed with water after disinfection.

• The neutral anolyte does not harm the original and natural properties of water.

• The neutral anolyte eliminates algae, chlorine taste, odour and improves the taste of water.

• The determination of neutral anolyte is easy.

• High level of security: no hazardous chemicals are required


We guarantee

• Because of the disinfection (in the absence of excessive organic filler) and TMC (microbiological contamination of water) is equal to zero (0).

• That the treatment does not affect the chemical stocks or other essential characteristics of the water.


The use of the anolyte provides the following solutions

• Purification of drinking water for human consumption.

• Destruction of biofilm.

• Network protection against corrosion



• Eradication of pathogenic fungi.

• Eradication of bacteria and viruses.

• Disposal of chemical products.

• Reduction of heavy metals.

• Quicker contact.

• High production security.

• High disinfection efficiency.

• High environmental safety.

• Reduced production costs.

• Reduced maintenance.

• Remote control.



The neutral anolyte is used diluted. Our engineers will determine the appropriate dosage according to a recent analysis of your water and by reading the results of samples provided.



The neutra anoytel improves the quality and safety of water distributed, without raising the cost of treatment.  Saving time in completing tasks...



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