Installing a ANAQUA unit near cooling towers, used to generate neutral anolyte on site. Neutral anolyte is a powerful non-toxic disinfectant and respectful of the environment, effective for disinfection conditions in total hygiene.


The alternative neutral anolyte solution is an ecological and safe disinfectant solution. Produced by ANAQUA units, it provides, for this equipment, the level of hygiene requested in accordance with the standards in force and to improve decontamination methods.


The neutral anolyte ensures, for all applications and staff, safe, ecological and biologically effective protection.


The neutral anolyte is: non-toxic, non-irritating, non-sensitising, leaving no side effects, leaves no harmful and is economic and non-mutagenic. The neutral anolyte is not composed of hazardous chemicals.


Cooling tower :


• Injection into the water networks of establishments :

Purification of water - Pipes purification - Destruction of aerobic and anaerobic pathogen germs - Elimination of biofilm - Destruction of algae - Non-corrosive - Non-toxic - Non-hazardous to the environment.


• In disinfection and fogging :

Permanent fogging, sectorial or sequential – Sanitizing the premises - Air sanitation - Disinfection of surfaces and equipment - Decontamination of waste water


Our tests in these areas have led us to observe the following issues in cooling systems :

• Scaling and corrosion of pipes caused by the biofilm and algae.

• Equipment fouling due to algae in the cooling tower.

• Frequent emptying of sludge basins and bioactive substances.

• Poor heat transfer due to the formation of biofilm.

• Loss of energy and money.

• Use of hazardous chemicals against algae growth.

• High maintenance costs.

• Line control of biological activity, nonexistent.



Positive effects after treatment with neutral anolyte.

• Removal of biofilm and algae formation.

• Better heat transfer - low energy loss.

• Better functioning of the cooling system.

• Use of environmentally friendly materials (neutral anolyte).

• Dosage controlled by measuring the redox potential (ORP).

• Energy savings.

• Remote control of production.




The neutral anolyte can be used pure, or diluted in wash water, spray, or mist. Please follow the advice of our technician.



By its prophylactic action, neutral anolyte improves quality in cooling towers, without raising the cost of treatment.  Saving time in completing tasks ...



The dosage protocol will be given to you by our laboratory after you have provided a recent analysis of your water.


Typical installation design for the ANAQUA unit.

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